The week has been fine. Could of been better, could of been worse. Lets start with the advantages, shall we? First, my English teachers are now calling me... Pingu! Tongue Smiley Then, the week was kinda standard. Then we had a school trip. There was this inflatable wall, and I simply jumped over it Tongue Smiley and then back xD Was the fastest. Also, there was a towel with soap, where we had to slide anyway to take tires down. First slide, to measure it, was a baseballkind of slide. Then the second one... Belly slide!!!!! Tongue Smiley Now, the worse thing that happened this week is also included in there. I got TERRIBLY AWFUL sunburn. even my HANDS are sunburnt. And I had to stand an hour of boredom at sch'ool :/ And I havent been able to do any major editing D:. So, what do you think about my week?

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